Professor Aldrich Dankworth

Aldrich Dankworth

History of Magic, Ancient Runes

Professor Aldrich Dankworth is the esteemed head of the departments of History of Magic and Ancient Runes. Professor Dankworth has been a fixture at Waters End Academy for nearly twenty years. Professor Dankworth previously served as the Chair of the Magic History department at Caernarfon Conservatory of Magic in Wales for more than thirty years. While at Caernarfon, Professor Dankworth published numerous books on subjects such as medieval spells and charms, mystery and magic of Viking runes, and origins of mythical beasts.

Although students tease him about his age, claiming he knows so much about history because he’s lived it, Professor Dankworth shows no signs of slowing down. He is currently working on his 150th book, this one concerning the migration of witches to the west coast of America with a section on our own Carlsbad, California.

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