Once upon a time...

So begins your child's magical after-school experience.


True magic is the art and science of changing states of mind at will.

Douglas Monroe


Waters End Academy was created to provide children with anytime access to engaging lessons and activities that pique curiosity, stimulate imagination, and reinforce online learning ability. Courses are immersive and combine online and offline activities to occupy students for hours on end. Most of all, they are fun.

Waters End Academy is not intended as a substitute for your child’s traditional classroom or online education. It is not home schooling. Rather, it is an after-school activity designed to keep children occupied in a safe and positive way.

All Waters End Academy content including characters, stories, images, videos, and courses is ©2020 WebFactorE LLC. Learn more about the creators of Waters End Academy at WebFactorE.com


Waters End Academy takes the form of a school for young witches and wizards. It creates its own unique environment and magical back story to present activities and lessons in a way that will seem more like play than study to students. The school is staffed by a fictional faculty of colorful characters that students meet via video lectures and demonstrations. There are also periodic live demonstrations via the school’s integrated Zoom feature.

The school’s magical courses are designed to engage students with goal-oriented projects they can do on their own or together with siblings or friends. Courses combine fantasy and mystical lore with core education subjects, arts and crafts, and interactive explorations. Each course is comprised of lessons that feature lectures, step-by-step instructions, examples, and quizzes. 


Waters End Academy is FREE for a Limited Time. Students who enroll during the school’s introductory period will be able to access courses and participate in events and activities free of charge. Parents should register their students and create their user name and password. The user name is also used to personalize printable certificates awarded for successful completion of courses.

We take the privacy of you and your children seriously. The school website features SSL security and adheres to federal COPPA and local California regulations for children’s privacy. We require minimal personal information at registration (user name and password) and under no circumstances share it with any third party.

We require a parent’s email address – not child’s – as part of the registration process to confirm parental consent and provide messaging related to school activities. We may contact parents to obtain their street address for the purpose of delivering activity materials. We do not store this information online. View Privacy Policy

There are no third party ads on the school website. The site may promote school activities or events, but they are optional.


Waters End Academy is designed to foster a sense of wonder, activate imagination, and spur creativity. So at the most basic level, you can enhance your child’s experience by playing along with the magical concept. Just like any form of entertainment, suspension of disbelief is key. We like to tell children that magic is as real as you want it to be. You just have to believe.

We also encourage parents to contribute arts and crafts materials. During the limited time Free Admission window, we need help purchasing student materials. Courses in subjects such as Charms & Spells or Potions include activities that require special materials or ingredients. These items are usually sold only in bulk quantities. It doesn’t make sense for parents to buy bulk supplies for their child alone. The cost of most items ranges from $6-15. That’s not much, but it can add up pretty fast if we have to buy enough for everyone on our own.

Therefore, we are asking parents to purchase one or two items from the school’s Amazon Wish List. Once the school receives the materials, it can open related courses and assemble packages tailored for each activity. Packages will be provided to students when they start each activity. Learn more about this program or click the Wish List button below to contribute now.