Potion Parts


Like anything worth doing, the mastery of Magic Potions requires requires time, patience, and attention to detail. This is especially true when it comes to ingredients. As any good Witch or Wizard will tell you, a Potion is the sum of its parts. Powerful, Potent & Peculiar Potion Parts – A Wizard’s Guide to Magical Ingredients, the exciting new e-book from Waters End Academy Press, is your guide to the most popular Potion ingredients in magic today.

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Powerful, Potent & Peculiar Potion Parts: A Wizards Guide to Magical Ingredients by Thomas Brown is an indispensable resource for any Witch or Wizard. It features 77 pages of some of the most popular potion ingredients used in magic today. Each ingredient is listed by name in alphabetical order and includes alternate names (also known as), description, and common uses.

Witches and Wizards can use Potion Parts to find ingredients based on their common uses and affects. They mix and match the ingredients they find to build potions of their own. Each chapter includes an epigraph in the form of a general spell based on some of the ingredients contained within. Witches and Wizards can use these epigraphs as templates to create spells to accompany their potions.

The author, Mr. Brown, is the Headmaster at Waters End Academy for Witches & Wizards.

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