How to Support the School


The curriculum at Waters End Academy is designed to occupy children with engaging lessons and fun activities. Some activities need little more than some imagination. But others require arts and crafts materials or special ingredients. Beads, charms, crystals, elastic string, craft paper, and magic potion mixes are just some of the materials.

Individually none of these items are expensive. But the costs add up when you consider the number of activities and students.

In lieu of charging admission to the school, we are counting on the support of parents through the contribution of raw materials needed for activities. 

In order to make it easy for parents to contribute, the Waters End Academy has created an Amazon Wish List.

Waters End Academy Amazon Wish List

The wish list itemizes materials including the purpose and quantity needed. Most materials come in bulk amounts of 10-100 pieces. They range in price from about $6 to $15.

Parents can purchase online and have the items shipped direct to the school address associated with the wishlist. The list will be updated automatically to reflect purchases and avoid duplication.

With the help of contributions by parents like you, the school will be able to provide all students with exactly what they need to complete each activity with fun, consistent results.

How Students Receive Materials

A button to request materials is included on the individual Course page when ever an activity is included. When clicked, the button initiates the delivery (by owl of course) of a personalized package specific to the course. The package will typically arrive on the student’s doorstep the next morning. 

Each package comes wrapped in craft paper with twine for an old fashioned look and hand-addressed to the student. Inside they will find a wax-sealed envelope with instructions and an assortment of materials in packets, small plastic bottles, or small plastic jars. Each item will feature fanciful labeling from a shop for Witches and Wizards. This is just another way Waters End Academy enhances the student experience by bringing magic to life.

About Potion Ingredients

Packages that include Potion ingredients typically include one or more small plastic bottles or jars. These contain ingredients such as Dragon Tears, Werewolf Dander, or Pond Scum. All ingredients are composed of safe, household materials. A list of Potion ingredients used in the school’s courses including their household names is available upon request.

Personal School Supplies

Apart from the activity materials described above, no specific attire or personal equipment is required to attend Waters End Academy. However, your student may want some magic accessories to enhance their experience. There are two items that every Witch or Wizard should own: a Wand and a Book of Shadows.

The purpose of a wand is obvious: casting spells and mixing potions. There are lots of expensive wands like the ones used by the faculty of Master Wizards. But students don’t need those. After extensive research we have identified a collection that includes more than twenty wands featuring quality, durability, and a price under $15. 

A Book of Shadows is a leather-bound book of blank parchment pages used to write spells and potion recipes, keep a journal of activities, or save clippings. It is basically your student’s school notebook. We sourced a small, leather bound book with embossed cover that is perfect for children and costs less than $10.

For your convenience, both of these optional items, as well as a few more are included at the bottom of the Waters End Academy Amazon Wish List.